PeopleData API has now been merged with Endato.com,
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Our Foundation

Powered and built by the products and teams behind Enformion

Powered by the Longest Standing
People Finder Database in Business Today

PeopleData is powered by Endato (an Enformion LLC solution), which has served customers for three decades.
That means that when you use PeopleData, you can feel confident in the backing and experience
of the successful public data resource behind it. You can expect exceptional professionalism,
customer service, and access to more than 6,000 data sources.
Leading United States Data

More than 95% coverage of Adults in the United States

300+ Million US People Profiles

120+ Billion Records from Over 6,000 Data Sources. 4M records added monthly.

#1 in Mobile Phone Data

Leading accuracy with last reported date, is connected status and more

Affordable Premium Data

Competitive pricing with no minimums, contracts or hidden fees